About Jonathan Branca

The purpose of this site is start meaningful conversations and provide a resource for those looking to optimize their own live marketing endeavors.


  • I believe in making a positive impact in people’s lives.
  • I believe that thoughts and actions are my most powerful assets, and that the most prepared almost always wins.
  • I believe in challenging the status quo.


  • By providing something of value to clients and prospects before ever asking for anything.
  • By choosing to completely understand my clients and doing whatever is necessary to help achieve their goals.
  • By declaring an all out assault on mundane exhibit design and the “good enough” mentality.


Years ago, I attended my first trade show.  It was the RSNA show in Chicago, where my dad had exhibited for years.  The idea was to help me network with his partners and clients, in hopes of landing me a new job.  What happened instead was an eye-popping fascination for the trade show itself.

The lights, colors, and crowds grabbed me.  People from all over the world traveled to this one place to meet with one another about radiology.  Old relationships were strengthened, new ones were made.  New products introduced to the world for the first time.  And then there were the exhibits.  Knowing that such incredible structures were designed and constructed for just those few amazing days.  I had to be a part of it.

Years later, I remain just as fascinated and have been lucky to learn from some of the great innovators in the trade show exhibit business.  Looking forward, I see a need for new leadership in an ever-changing industry that will require new thinking and new solutions.

Please contact me anytime with questions or insight, and together we can help make a positive impact on the lives of all trade show professionals. 



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